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How not to be afraid of Vim anymore

A curation of the most popular commands and how to use them.

5 GitHub tips for new coders

This October I celebrated my 5 year anniversary working at GitHub. 🎉 5 years ago, I was an enthusiastic accountant (like straight nerd —….

Most common Git mistakes and how to fix them

Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is impossible. Here are some common Git tricks to know about!.

Solving git merge conflicts with VIM

A flow so smooth you’d be wishing for conflicts to happen.

Top Python Libraries Used In Data Science

Let us understand what are the most important and useful python libraries that can be used in data science..

How to become a Git expert

I made a mistake in my commit, how do I fix it ?.

7 Essential Books for Programmers

A reading guide for those serious about programming.

How You Can Improve Your Programming Skills

Programming is a skill where you can constantly improve and learn new things.

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Mi propia guía de ¿Qué hacer después de instalar Elementary OS?

Guías sobre 'Que hacer después de instalar un sistema operativo (en este caso, Elementary OS)' hay muchas, pero ninguna es completa a mis necesidades. Después de cierto acontecimiento quise documentar mi propia guía; si te sirve, ande usted, tómela.

Octubre, Proxy

Enlaces destacados de Octubre: Productividad, Vue, Linux Kernel, etc.