Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) from Stewdio on Vimeo.

El autor dice:

Jed's Other Poem is the official music video for Grandaddy's song of the same name.This song serves as a eulogy for Jeddy-3, a humanoid robot built from spare parts. He is a recurring character on Grandaddy's record "The Sophtware Slump." According to Grandaddy before Jed's system crashed he wrote poems. Poems for no one.Programmed entirely in Applesoft BASIC on a vintage 1979 Apple ][+ with 48K of RAM, a computer so old it has no hard drive or mouse and only types in capitals. The Jed source code is available for download making it the first open-source music video. Cinematography by Jeff Bernier. [...]

Y en lo personal, me ha fascinado y es por eso que lo comparto.

Vía: Microsiervos


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